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Jarrell's Air Care NW Expand Range of Services as Summer Blaze Approaches

Jarrell's AirCare NW has expanded their service offering, adding Air Duct Cleaning, Electronic Air Cleaners and Deodorization to their already stellar HVAC and Heating and Cooling services.


Hillsboro, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2014 -- Summer is now just around the corner, and it’s at times like these when HVAC systems need to be operating in peak condition. Air filters need to keep pollen at bay, conditioners need to keep temperatures down and deodorizes need to work extra hard to keep air fresh. Anticipating this, Jarell’s Air Care NW of Oregon has expanded their range of heating and cooling services to include new cleaning and maintenance operations that will help keep systems operating at peak conditions for the busiest time of the year.

The new services include air duct cleaning, which can have a drastic effect on the quality of air as evidenced by photographs shared on their site, with dust-encrusted fans and ducts essential redistributing allergens. They can also provide electronic air cleaners which remove particulates from the atmosphere as the air passes through the system.

They even have deodorizing units available to remove the smell from the air, which not only removes noxious odors but also kills bacteria, fungi and viruses to protect people’s health. With this new suite of services, they are the most comprehensive maintainer and installer of HVAC in Portland.

A spokesperson for Jarrell’s Air Care NW explained, “We understand the importance of simple maintenance tasks that can dramatically impact not only the effectiveness of HVAC systems but their lifespan as well. Equally, we understand that many advances in technology have taken place relatively recently and many business and home owners may have systems that lack features we now consider industry standard. That’s why we can install these additional features to existing systems or replace old systems for new ones to ensure our clients are getting the best air possible. We are committed to providing the most complete air solutions in Oregon.”

Jarrell’s Air Care NW
Brent and Becky Gayman are the Co- Owners of Jarrell’s AirCare NW, Inc. Brent and his wife Becky purchased the company in 1986. Formerly known as Jarrell’s Heating, today Jarrell’s AirCare NW has not only changed names but also services and offers both residential and commercial air duct cleaning, service, repair and installation of gas, oil and electric furnaces, air conditioning and heat pumps. For more information please visit: http://aircarenw.com/