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Jauntaroo Applicant Raises Stakes Against Other Chief World Explorer Contestants

A candidate who reached the summit of Mount Everest earlier this year is paying $25,000 of his salary to other applicants and 'Jauntaristas' if chosen as Chief World Explorer.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2013 -- As travel website Jauntaroo approaches stage two of their search for a Chief World Explorer, one candidate has significantly upped the ante for others who have applied for the position that many are calling “the best job in the world.”

Out of the $100,000 salary offered for creating travel webisodes and social media promotions, contestant John Beede is offering to give away a total of $25,000 dollars of his salary, in Jauntaroo travel credit, divided between 25 users of the travel website.

“As Chief World Explorer, I’d understand that it’s not about me,” Beede said. “It’s about about my tribe, the users of Jauntaroo, who we affectionately call ‘Jauntaristas.’ Looking through the applications, it’s clear that so many of them are phenomenal people. Rather than compete against them, why not have an amazing experience with them? Together we can make a bigger difference.”

Beede’s vision is to hold a bi-weekly contest in which contestants devise their most impressive itinerary at a featured Jauntaroo destination. Each winner will be awarded $1,000 of travel credit to visit that location with Beede as Chief World Explorer, filming their experience together while following the dream-destination schedule they’ve devised.

There is a catch, however, as part of the itinerary must include an aspect of voluntourism. The winners must serve at their destinations and make a positive impact on local communities.

When Beede was asked why he was doing this, he answered, “I want to show Chief Commercial Officer Tom Wilson and the rest of the people at Jauntaroo that I understand this job to be about creating excellent content for my company. Sure, I'll have a blast in the process, but the real focus is on giving a great experience to people on social media and doing positive things for those in need.” You can see John Beede’s application at

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