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JavaPresse Coffee Company to Officially Launch Manual Burr Coffee Grinder


Cheyenne, WY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/13/2015 -- JavaPresse Coffee Company, a brand of specialty coffee and coffee products, has recently launched their superior portable and versatile Manual Burr Coffee Grinder. To commemorate the launch, JavaPresse has also made live an introductory DISCOUNT OFFER, which will for a limited time allow buyers to save 57% off the regular retail price of the Manual Burr Hand Coffee Grinder from

Coffee Connoisseurs know that for a superior coffee brew and maximum flavor and aroma the roast of the coffee bean and its grinding are two essential steps that make all the difference to the end result. After the coffee beans have been roasted and then ground they tend to lose their aroma and flavor really quickly so rather than buying pre-ground coffee, coffee experts suggest grinding beans just before preparing coffee. This extra step ensures the beans dispense maximum flavor and aroma every time. JavaPresse Coffee Company has many such coffee lovers that know and appreciate the importance of each step involved for brewing the perfect cup. Other than creating coffee accessories the team at the company is engrossed in the pursuit of perfecting their brew and achieving a superior tasting coffee every time.

This is the exact struggle that gave way to the development of the new Manual Burr Coffee Grinder. The focus was to create a portable, easy to use grinder that could deliver the optimum ground coffee for French Press and Espresso coffee, which are few of the favorites among the Coffee Connoisseurs at the JavaPresse Coffee Company. The company spokesperson and all around coffee lover explained: "Our manual coffee mills don't heat up your beans during the grinding process like electric grinders, which can alter the taste of gourmet coffee. They were built to cherish flavor and make the most of the coffee we love."

About JavaPresse
JavaPresse is a brand known for its love of specialty coffee and bringing the latest innovation in coffee and coffee products. The brand also focuses on superior customer service and strong commitment towards providing superior quality, dependably stylish products.

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