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Javelin Entertainment Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Horror Movie

Writer, Director, and Producer Alain Edelstein and Javelin Entertainment have launched a crowdfunding project to support their newest movie entitled “The Macabre AYAHUASCA Hammer Experience”.


Leusden, Utrecht -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/06/2013 -- With a goal of $50,000 they hope to bring back the terror in horror. Heralded as the “...most shocking, terrifying, goriest, bloodiest horror blockbuster of 2014” the movie is set to rivet horror fans worldwide. “The philosophical storytelling and the utter in-your-face gore just pushes the modern conspiracy theory plot. The production value is astounding on the film. We have no doubt the movie will become a cult classic.” said Elise Mes, Co-Producer of “The Macabre AYAHUASCA Hammer Experience”.

In an effort to have 100% control of the film, now the subject of the crowdfunding project, producers seek to step away from controlling movie executives and make a horror film solely for the hungry masses so focused on this thrilling genre. “We want to keep this film the bloodiest motion picture in decades. Ultimately, that’s the crowdfunding project’s goal - to keep the movie’s gore and storyline intact.” added Mes.

With ownership of all the top cinema equipment necessary - from a RED One camera capable of making Hollywood 35 mm film quality recordings to the complete post production studio - the producers of the film are poised to finish the movie when given the much needed funding. Presently shooting a multi-million dollar film on a seventy-five thousand dollar budget the crew continually adds inserts and visual effects due to the ownership of the equipment and professional studio. Most impressively the film will have no CGI. It will be as natural, organic and real as the most beloved horror classics.

Having self-financed one-fourth of the project, and enjoyed another one-fourth donated by an investor, the producers now count on horror fans to complete the project. Perks include a film credit in the “thank you” section for a contribution as little as five dollars. Heavy-hitting perks include an executive producer credit, a photographed set visit in full costume and gory makeup, a part in the movie, a day in the studio with the movie’s composer Valensia, and a day in the post production studio.

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