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Jay Juffre, Regional Vice President and National Service Director of ImageFIRST, Featured in Patient Care Article


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2016 -- ImageFIRST Atlanta, a leading provider of patient gowns, scrubs, medical uniforms, and more in Atlanta, GA, is excited to announce that Jay Juffre, the Southeast Regional Vice President and National Service Director of ImageFIRST, was recently featured in an article regarding patient care. In Juffre's article, titled "When It Comes to Patient Care? What Is Your Drago?" he discusses how important it is for healthcare facilities to identify what is preventing them from providing a superior patient experience, and what they need to do to tackle those obstacles.

Juffre opens the article by letting readers know that November 27th, 2015, marked the 30th anniversary of the film Rocky IV. Juffre then proceeds to give a brief synopsis of the movie and specifically highlights the scene where Rocky works to overcome the film's antagonist, the Soviet Boxer Ivan Drago. The reason Juffre choose to include this movie in his article is because he uses Rocky, and specifically his pre-fight workout to beat Drago, and Drago himself, as metaphors for the planning and hard work that should go into overcoming what prevents a facility from providing an outstanding patient experience.

At the end of the article, Juffre says that no matter what "Drago" a healthcare facility is facing, planning, focus, action, hard work, and results will get that facility's team where they must be. In fact, Juffre says in his article, "When it comes to patient care, identify your Drago and then, like Rocky, knock it out and win big!"

To view Juffre's full article, please click here.

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