Jaygentile.com Offers Automation and Custom Bots for Sale


Modesto, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2013 -- The site jaygentile.com offers assistance in marketing strategies by providing automation and custom bots services at affordable rates. The site offers its services to take marketing a step further to help increase the sales and boost the web presence of you or your clients. It provides the right platform for custom bots development. The main bots for sale are the Etsy bot and Flickr bot, but the site also offers a variety of others as well. The site offers private consultation to the clients at low and reasonable rates and they also offer web designs with quality graphic design at price ranges starting at $75.

The site offers new updates to Etsy Booster bot as well. The updates are included in the low price which will increase soon. “I am sure you will be pleased with the new updates and to get the Etsy Booster v2.3 for only $10. But, hurry! The price will increase soon!” urges the owner of the site. The updates offered by the site come with easy search mechanisms enabling search based on prices. They help in tuning up your marketing strategies. The site features a large number of Etsy Booster update versions and also features the steps to work with their different modules. Moreover, it offers the provision to have them downloaded directly to the client systems from their site.

The site offers marketing solutions on Flickr with Flickr Bot. They offer the services of efficiently managing the marketing services at Flickr with the help of this product. “Take your Flickr marketing to the next level by using the all-in-one Flickr Bot”, states the site. The product offered by the site can be used for mass marketing on Flickr. In addition, they offer the services of adding mass contacts, mass favourite’s, mass uploads, and more. The Bot supports additional features also such as proxy support, spin syntax and random delays. The Flickr Bot can be downloaded from the site.

For further details on bots, visit http://jaygentile.com/blog/.

About jaygentile.com
Jaygentile.com offers assistance for marketing with its automation and custom bot strategies. The site offers the marketing services at affordable rates. The site ensures that it services are of high quality, and fast and professional. Their services are incorporated with attractive graphic designs that enhance their efficiency in the marketing field. The site offers different services for their customers depending on their needs and the allotted time frame. The company currently offers two main full featured bots, namely, Etsy bots and Flickr bot.

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