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Jaynie Baker Publishes New Inforgraphic on the Keys to Mental Fortitude

Jaynie Mae Baker has recently published an infographic outline the eighteen elements that guarantee mental robustness, an essential for healthy professional and personal relationships.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/27/2015 -- Mental health is in the news every day, but there is a difference between mental health, the ability to stay centered and enjoy life, and mental fitness, the strength needed to take on new challenges and handle high pressure, high-stakes situations. Jaynie Mae Baker knows a lot about mental fitness, and whether it's from her days as a WWE Diva or her work as a Myers Briggs consultant, she has learned the importance of staying mentally strong. She has recently published a new infographic explaining her commentary on a recent Forbes article on the subject.

Forbes posted eighteen tips, and Jaynie Mae Baker has interpreted and simplified the broad discussions in the original article into crisp and clear, actionable bullet points, so that people can immediately begin to make positive changes in their perceptions and begin to implement new patterns of thought that can lead to a healthier outlook on the world.

Jaynie Baker understands the importance of these guidelines and has posted them on the Aligned Signs blog, where she works as a senior writer and matchmaking consultant, creating both romantic and professional recommendations based on three unique astrological, psychological and personal factors.

A spokesperson for Jaynie Mae Baker explained, "Jaynie has done great work in interpreting the Forbes article in a simple and shareable infographic. Infographics are hugely useful because they provide a more engaging, visually stimulating format and have to use design principles to pare down the content to its core message. Jaynie has demonstrated the value of her expert insight in how she has reduced the article down to a single image while actually sharpening the focus of the message. We are looking forward to seeing the infographics she produces next, and have every confidence they will be invaluable for the Aligned Signs clientele."

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