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Jaynie Mae Baker Recruits Aligned Signs Teams to Spend Time in New York Soup Kitchens

Jaynie Mae Baker is a senior writer and MBTI expert with Aligned Signs, and she has recruited her colleagues in a charity drive to staff soup kitchens in New York City.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2015 -- Hard times. The truth is, they are most of the time. Somewhere everywhere, someone is suffering, and it is morally incumbent upon those who can help to do so, though some feel that calling less than others. Fortunately, when one good person leads by example, the whole world can change because of it. In her own small way, Jaynie Mae Baker has been helping those in need for years at New York soup kitchens, and has now increased her contribution by inspiring her colleagues at Aligned Signs to join her.

A regular to charity work, Jaynie Baker has spent time with India's poorest people as well as closer to home in New York, where she is a regular fixture. When staff numbers fell short at the Soup Kitchen she donates her time to, she made the call and the Aligned Signs team answered it, helping her get food to those most in need.

The staff, experts in communication and personality analysis, were also on hand to talk to people about their problems and help in any way they could, from a sympathetic ear to careers advice. Jaynie Mae Baker continues to contribute her time when she is not working for Aligned Signs, helping people to connect with personal and professional partners.

A spokesperson for Aligned Signs explained, "We were thrilled to come and help out at Jaynie's regular soup kitchen when they were short staffed for the night, and thanks to Jaynie they ensured they were able to stay open and deliver much needed hot meals to New York's homeless. Jaynie believes passionately in helping those in need and has dedicated her life to it in one way or another, whether people are in need of basics like food and clothes, joys like entertainment and comedy, or those looking for people to share their missions and passions with."

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