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Jazz & Hip-Hop Spotlight Movie in McDonough, GA


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/20/2016 -- Baz Brothers Production has teamed up with the City of McDonough to film their next feature film entitled "Making Moves". Alongside a captivating storyline, the film will spotlight jazz and hip-hop artists and music. The movie will include a special appearance by Jazz artist Michael "Jazzy" Brown, as well as other legendary jazz and hip-hop artists slated to be included in the production.

"Making Moves" is a movie about Que, a military veteran, who was raised in the mean streets of New York. He has a job that provides him with financial security and is in a loving relationship with Angela, his girlfriend of three years. It appears as though the couple is headed for marital bliss until Que announces that he has decided to give up everything and follow his dreams. Unable to see the vision, Angela gives him an ultimatum that severs their beautiful union. So with his belongings in tow, Que leaves his girl, a lucrative career, his family and friends and moves to another state to pursue his dreams. Que quickly finds out that following his dreams isn't easy and the outcome isn't immediate. After several failed attempts, an old friend approaches Que with an opportunity that has the potential to turn his life around. Can Que stay strong in pursuit of his dreams or has this new opportunity caused too much of a risk and deferred his dreams for good?

The tagline of this movie says it all, "Making Moves" that risks everything over comfort and stability. The movie is being produced by Baz Brothers Production (BBP). BBP has produced multiple films and stage-plays which included Angie Stone, Danny Vinson, Chandra Currelley, and more. Their last feature film, Love N Success, is scheduled to be released later this year. "Making Moves", which already has a distribution deal, is creating a major buzz in McDonough and the surrounding areas. Councilwoman Sandra Vincent of McDonough is one of the key figures who jumped onboard to help bring the film to the City of McDonough. Chris Scott, President of the Caribbean Association of Georgia (CAG) and resident of McDonough, has signed on as Co-Producer of the film. Mayor Billy Copeland has also sent well wishes to the production and business owners such as Mrs. Margaret Brown of "Jazzy Brown" have opened their doors to help with the production.

About Baz Brothers Production
Baz Brothers Production proudly invites you to partner with them on their upcoming project, "Making Moves". The film is currently in pre-production and is still seeking sponsors. If you have a business or you are interested in making a financial contribution, in-kind donations, adding product placement, or pairing your product with "Making Moves please visit

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