JBEC StoneyCNC Education CNC Router Machine Release


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2013 -- JBEC and StoneyCNC are pleased to announce the release of an educational version of the new JBEC CNC router series. The machine comes fully enclosed in a polycarbonate and aluminium enclosure. The enclosure system fully isolates the user from the machine and provides a wide 360 degree viewing area of the machine making it ideal for teaching purposes. The transparent polycarbonate panels allows for a safe and large viewing area for students during demonstrations, training and machine operation.

The machine comes with an active interlock. When the spindle system in operational the door is actively locked shut. Only when the spindle is off can the door be opened. The interlock is an extra layer of failsafe to keep users away from the rotating cutting tools during the routers operation. The educational version is also offered with a 4th axis extra to allow for full 3D machining which is now a common part of most educational CNC programmes.

The F1 Schools Technology Challenge in Ireland is run as part of the secondary schools programme. Teachers and students must and build a miniature compressed air powered balsa wood Formula One car! The core process used to produce the car shape is CNC technology and as a result the teachers and students must use CAD/CAM and CNC technology to create their design ideas digitally and in the real world. The JBEC CNC router systems are now able to support the project with the release of the new educational JBEC CNC router series.

The educational JBEC CNC router series allows students and teachers to bring their design ideas to life in a safe and controller manner maximising the ability of teachers to educate the new generation of CNCists

Contact Info:
Megan A. Oliver
New Braunfels, TX