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JBN Video Marketing Offers Easy Video Suite for Those in Need of Video Recording Help


Manchester, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2013 -- Estimates place the average attention span of an Internet user at 60 seconds or less. Those suffering from an extreme case of Internet addiction may have an attention span of less than ten seconds! With the use of easy video suite, developers can attract an audience and build lists faster than ever while combating the short attention span of visitors, Joseph Bison of JBN Video Marketing explains after recently reviewing this product.

"Video engages the senses and attracts both audio and visual learners," Mr. Bison states. "When a website incorporates a video, the person watching gets an emotional or sensory experience. This depends in large part on the quality of the video which is why thousands of marketers have turned to Easy Video Suite."

Easy Video Suite features include video recording, playlists, video conversion and timed events. "A review of this product shows you how easy it is to upload a video and convert it into a format that is web friendly. Choose which areas of the screen to record and make use of built in tools to highlight parts of the screen for animation or drawing. No other programs are needed to make the video ready for YouTube. The amount of time the user saves when using this program is amazing," Mr. Bison goes on to say.

"What makes this program even better is the fact that it contains many new features those creating videos want and need. When creating a training course, the video maker has the option of using playlists to have the videos play in sequence. Share on a wide variety of social networks, including Twitter and Facebook with the click of a button or offer a buy button or opt in form. It's all a matter of what the client wants to do as Easy Video Suite makes all simple," Mr. Bison continues. "For those who find their visitors are leaving before the video finishes, a new feature which pauses the video automatically and won't let the visitor finish watching it until they opt in to a mailing list or share the video is greatly appreciated."

Other features obtained with the Easy Video Suite Download include the ability to edit, publish and market videos in one central location. Videos may be tracked here and the program may be used with the desktop application or videos may be taken on the go thanks to the mobile apps available for iPhone and Android. Other features include Video analytics, instant Video landing pages, timed events and the ability to add social widgets to landing pages. Video split testing and conversion tracking analytics are included along with screen capture with drawing tools and the ability to edit recordings. Upload video projects to the dashboard and YouTube or encrypt video uploads links to ensure they remain private. "Clients can now take their site to the next level with this amazing product, one that has the features clients most want and need," Mr. Bison declares.

About Easy Video Suite:
Easy Video Suite is a video recording and editing program which allows users to quickly create and market videos to attract a larger audience. The program takes this much further though and allows the user to create timed events, add 'buy now' buttons and more. Creating and marketing videos has never been easier and the user can get started within minutes thanks to the training videos which walk users through every step of the process. Visit http://www.eazyvideosuite.com to learn more.