Jeetly Introduces Innovative Petite Women's Collection


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2013 -- Jeetly, a new clothing brand for petites, asks its customers to choose which garments to take into production. Jeetly has introduced 'IN or OUT', an innovative concept which means Jeetly customers are more involved in the Brand’s direction and it also takes some of the guesswork out of what business women really want to buy for work. This is the first time petite women worldwide have control of the styles that go ahead for manufacture and they will finally have a say in a clothing industry which has ignored such a large proportion of female shoppers. The stylish Petite work wear brand founded by a petite woman who understands the ‘Fit’ issues affecting petite women believes if customers are buying the products, they should have some control over the production process.

“For too long petite clothing choice has been determined by fashion designers who indicate which styles are on-trend each season, and these decisions may be totally irrelevant and unsuited to a petite figure”, says Jess.

“Jeetly Petite is democratising the petite clothing industry by embracing social commerce and handing the design choices and power back to the people that matter – petite consumers”.

So how does it work?

JEETLY showcases their range of exclusive design samples online so that they can be voted in or out of the next season’s collection:

Jeetly then asks petite women to add comments on each design (be it changes to colour, cut or style) and share their voting decisions on Facebook and Twitter to see what their friends, family and colleagues think too.

Customers browse each sample product as they would in an online store and consider the merits of fabric and design details like a professional Fashion Buyer.

Then it’s time to decide….The red button is for trashing the design OUT completely, the grey button is to keep it IN for next season. Jeetly also names the garment after the customer with the most popular suggestion viable for production.

Womens business wear is not traditionally driven by fashion trends, rather it is about abiding by business dress code which has remained largely unchanged for decades. Jeetly Petite workwear is for confident petite women who not only wish to look classy, feminine and chic, but prefer to be directional with their work attire, rather than purely fashion-led.

Early indications show that customers are finding this an exciting new way to influence a brands manufacturing and buying decisions, so that they get the workwear looks they really want, without the need for alterations to fit a petite body frame! Finally a chance for stylish, successful Petites to have their say !

For more information contact
Jess Jeetly
01922 666558

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