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Jefcoin Is Launching an ICO


Narita, Japan -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2018 -- This new cryptocurrency is a good investment.. Just 3 reason why?

1. They own 3 platforms
- jefonline
- jefwifi app
- jefcam app

* jefonline..is like an amazon, they have thousands of partners and affiliates..this sites was shutdown long time ago because they secretly building a newer version which is more fast,secured and will accept cryptocurrency for payment.

* jefwifi app..now in version 2.0 IOS and android is currently in talks with all the business owners, restaurants, net cafe's, starbucks, mc donalds, KFC, 7eleven, malls, gasoline stations and others to post or stick the jefwifi logo brand inside or outside their shops for easy costumer access.

* jefcam.. is now on version 1.0 in IOS and now building the next version which is AR/VR.. in short, once you take a photo of something.. the app can analyst the things around it.. then will ask you if you want to buy or just like it.

2. Building the first cryptocurrency that can be use here on earth and in space.. (travel to mars and check-in for a capsule hotel and pay using jefcoin) documents,papers and patents are already in place. Make a reservation for virgin galactic, blue origin or space shuttle of Elon Musk.

3. Re inventing wifi by creating sophisticated thing, simple algorithm/calculation and imagination that nobody ever thinks. So people around the world are connected fast and secured 24/7.

About Jefcoin
Jefcoin is a new cryptocurrency that protect your investments and future. Jefcoin and bitcoin are types of cryptocurrencies that predicted to be valued over $1Trillion Dollars in Market Capital. Jefcoin will top the cryptocurrency ranking for ICO.

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