Jeff Buchanan Reveals How to Create Own Employment


Rawlins, WY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2013 -- “The question of employment has an answer that many people do not even consider”, says Jeff Buchanan, an internet marketer who started his own online business after being laid off from his job. “Anyone can create their own job, if they simply consider it as an option to traditional employment. You can create your own employment if you just take the first step.”

But Buchanan realized that many people do not have the resources to get involved in an internet business. “The fact is, virtually every internet business requires some sort of investment. So I set out to create an online business that is totally free, where a person can create his or her own employment, without any investment.”

But is it really totally free? “Yes, absolutely without any cost whatsoever”, says Buchanan. “A person starting out in this online business gets a free capture page, free sales page, free web hosting, a free autoresponder, a free email follow-up sequence of messages, and free marketing training in the back office of the web site. And there’s one more thing I want to stress: this is not mlm network marketing. In this business, you earn money through your own efforts; not from the efforts of others.”

And exactly how much can a person make with this self-created employment? “Well, let me put it this way: I wanted to create a free business that would release a person from the realm of employment forever, if that’s what they want. And in my first month of working this free business, I made over $12,500. That’s when I knew I had something that I could confidently pass on to other people.”

But is this business appropriate for someone who is new to internet marketing? “Absolutely”, says Buchanan. “In fact, it’s an excellent way to learn the basics of internet marketing, while earning a good income. The system has training videos and written explanations right in the back office of the web site. It’s a great system for people who are brand-new to internet marketing.”

Interested individuals can go to this Official Site to get their own free business system to begin the process of creating their own employment, right at home.

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