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Jencor Mortgage Announcements- SpaBerry Is the Newest Member of Jencor's Preferred Partner Program


Calgary, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2013 -- For the past 25 years, Jencor Mortgage has continuously adapted to the changes in the real estate marketplace, placing billions of mortgages for its customers. Jencor’s full-service underwriting centre, deal coaching and e-platforms, have helped distinguish the company as one of the most trusted mortgage brokerages in Canada.

Jencor has partnered with more than 25 companies since the inception of the Preferred Partners program in 2011. Kent Chapman, Jencor’s General Manager says “The program was created to provide Jencor clients with discounts that translate into real savings on goods and services. In a competitive industry this is a tremendous added value for our clients-on top of the already great rates and service we provide. Having a partnership with SpaBerry, who is best in class within the Spa industry is a perfect fit.”

The SpaBerry mission is to continue to create, and develop the SpaBerry into the world’s highest quality, coolest looking one and two person luxury spas!

The SpaBerry is a world leader in Spa’s that uses less chemical additives, less electricity, easy to move, installed either indoor or outdoor, easy to service, simple buying process and a joy to be in!

Exclusive Features comprise of innovations like their BerryPure water conditioning products, BerrySage Shiatsu massage nodules, BerrySkin exteriors, Ostrich Skin BerrySeal Covers, Berry Sound audio system, Berry Smart controls and BerryGlide retractable equipment bays are but a few of the Spaberry features that have made the SpaBerry Brand the most unique spa in the world with many new innovations to come!

Jeff Knight, SpaBerry President and CEO states “SpaBerry has created some unique cross branding partnerships throughout our history with companies like Mercedes, Volvo, Chevrolet and "The Price is Right"…when given the opportunity to partner with Jencor Mortgage and become a part of their preferred partner program, we saw a natural fit and jumped at the chance. Together, we have created an exclusive opportunity that we would like to share with all Jencor Mortgage preferred partners, families and friends to own a SpaBerry Brand personal luxury spa of their own. We are excited about the partnership and look forward to working with all Jencor's Preferred partners!“

As a Jencor Preferred Partner, SpaBerry is offering 50% savings for all Jencor clients on Spa’s and SpaBerry products.

About Jencor
Jencor has been serving Canadians since 1987 and has originated over 10 billion dollars in mortgages. They work for clients in delivering unbiased mortgage advice and offer the widest choice of mortgage options from dozens of different lenders including Canada's largest banks, broker lenders, private lenders and more.