Jenna Jill Balderson Looks to Raise $16,000 via Indiegogo to Make Her First EP and Video

The objective of this campaign is to help a 17 years old artist make a necessary, but expensive, step of making her first 5 song EP and Video a reality.


Ellicott City, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/01/2014 -- Jenna Jill Balderson is just 17 years old. She writes, plays, and sings music. Jenna has been singing since she was 4 years old, and music is so tightly interwoven into the fibers of her being that she can't imagine herself happily pursuing something having nothing to do with music. Jenna’s dream is to touch the lives and emotions of people, and become recognized worldwide as a performing artist. If that goal cannot be made into reality, Jenna hopes that her reach is extended far enough so that she can live comfortably and turn making music into her career.

Fans and viewers who have seen Jenna have come away with chills, shivers and goosebumps due to the sheer power of her voice driven by her passion to perform and sing from her heart with a clarity of purpose not often seen from singers today.

Producing Jenna’s debut EP is the focus of this campaign. This EP will feature 5 originally written songs that have been chosen from the songs Jenna has compiled over the course of her songwriting career thus far, and the impact it will have on her career is great. Jenna will be able to have a sample of music that she can sell online, at her shows, and it will also be something Jenna can show to labels (If she chooses to take that path, because Jenna would rather gain success by playing shows and releasing music independently.)

The help Jenna is asking for via Indiegogo will fund her producer, studio recording, studio musicians, mixing, mastering, perks and everything else it takes to make a professional EP that will touch the lives and emotions of people listening to my music. The funding goal for the campaign has been fixed at $16,000.

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