Jennifer Rodriguez Launches Kickstarter Project for IVOREEZ Allowing People to Play the Piano Without Any Piano Lessons

Budding Musicians can Play the Piano Instantly, Post their Performance on YouTube to Build Their Own Fanbase, and Compete to be the IVOREEZ Legend.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/11/2014 -- Jennifer Rodriguez, a music teacher and professional vocalist/pianist for 25 years, has seen more than her fair share of would-be musicians who had haunting regrets with regard to their musical pursuits. Some were sorry they didn’t continue with music lessons they started when they were young. Others had hidden hopes of getting involved with music but never took the first step, while those that had been involved with music felt frustrated they didn’t learn enough to create the kind of music they love.

Ms Rodriguez is firmly convinced that everyone should feel the joy of playing the music that comes from their heart; music they themselves love to listen to and wish to create. Her passion has led to her mission to promote the benefits and joy of playing music without the frustration or years of study and practice to achieve a desired result. The core of her approach is an outside-the-box method that is easy to use and fun to do as it brings instant gratification to budding musicians of every level (or no level) of musical accomplishment.

That because her method allows people to play music through song lyrics instead of musical notes. And just as important, the database of songs available will include today's top hits, and not just the piano lesson standards that are less exciting to play.

Her innovative method allows anyone to play the piano instantly by matching colored lyrics of popular songs that correspond to colored decals on the keyboard. This makes it possible for anyone to play the piano without even a single piano lesson.

For anyone who fantasized about being a super star in their own right, IVOREEZ will let musicians showcase their talents while using the IVOREEZ method! They are developing a mobile app that will allow anyone to record their piano and/or vocal performance and post directly to their YouTube account. The mobile app will have a gaming element where the top performers will have a chance to win prizes.

Funds raised through this crowdfunding project will go towards website completion, production expenses, app development, and copyright fees. Backers of this crowdfunding project will be the first group to be able to experience the IVOREEZ method once the website officially launches in October.

This crowdfunding campaign ends on October 6, 2014.

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