Jenny Craig Catching Massive Media Attention- Weight loss Community Stunned


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) --05/16/2011 -- Jenny Craig weight loss systems has been getting a lot of attention in the news media recently for their constantly evolving diet program which users are calling “the most effective diet system on the market today.”

The name Jenny Craig is synonymous with standardized low calorie meals, loyal client support networks, and of course, rapid results for its clients. It is a household name that first pioneered the weight loss industry back in the 1980’s, and it has continued its decades of success by providing diet solutions that give unprecedented results for its users.

According to a recent study by Women’s Fitness Magazine, people trust Jenny Craig more than any other diet program on the market. Perhaps it’s because of their stellar reputation in the diet industry, or perhaps it’s because many notable Hollywood stars have used the program with success. Whatever the reason, Jenny Craig is raising eyebrows in the weight loss community, and clients are lining up in record numbers to become part of the movement.

Past users say that while using Jenny Craig they were able to lose 2 to 16 times more weight than they were with other dieting systems. They are also able to keep the weight off for much longer because Jenny Craig shows them how to remain thin as a permanent change to their lifestyle.

This is perhaps the biggest difference between Jenny Craig and other weight loss systems; not only do they show their clients how to lose weight quickly and easily, but they teach them how to keep it off well after they have left the program. In fact, Jenny Craig’s main goal is to help people become independent of them- a characteristic quite unique among diet programs.

Jenny Craig also gives their clients unyielding support during every phase of their weight loss journey. For Barbara Davidson, it is Jenny Craig’s support structure that separates it from all other dieting systems: “My weight loss consultant was absolutely phenomenal. It really felt like a ‘team’ dynamic, and since leaving the program I still keep in touch with her. I am still at my target weight and I have Jenny Craig, my consultant Sarah, and of course myself to thank for that.”

This sentiment seems to be shared by all those who have used the Jenny Craig system. More than being a way to lose weight, it invites clients to become part of their family- Perhaps that is the main reason for its many decades of continued success. To learn more about Jenny Craig, or for a free meeting with a weight loss consultant, please visit: