Jens Isensee and Martin Wahnschaffe Seek Funding Support via Indiegogo for Their New Game "Imagine Earth"

Build your own space colony in Imagine Earth - a city and world sim for Windows PC. Various planets are waiting to be explored and populated or destroyed.


Braunschweig, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2014 -- Build thriving colonies. The players’ development strategy shapes the destiny of whole planets from the very beginning. It all starts with landing the settlement capsule on a brave new world. This claims the territory for the colony. Building power plants, farms and factories will supply people with resources and allow the cities to grow and prosper.

Due to an extremely dynamic gameplay you will immediately experience whether your development strategy leads the whole civilization into perfection or if it ends up in the desolation of the whole planetary ecosystem.

Players stand between the profit goals of the interstellar corporations and the need to preserve the conditions of living for their people. They meet corrupt chiefs and shareholders while their company faces hostile takeover by larger corporations.

The game won the Intel Level Up Award and receives a funding for promising and cultural valuable media projects by Nordmedia, the Cultural Media Fund of Lower-Saxony and Bremen. Jens Isensee and Martin Wahnschaffe are crowdfunding now for two reasons:

- First, the crowdfunding money is an important part of their development budget and will allow them to finish the development until the end of this year. They need this support to hire specialists to do music, sound and translations and to pay for publishing and legal costs.
- Second, the developers want to build a community around Imagine Earth that will make it an even better game. This means all backers are more than welcome to share their feedback and thoughts during the further development process.

Indiegogo Page:

A public demo has been released on Steam and as download: