Jeremy Diamond of Creates Advertising Campaign to Prevent Accidents


Toronto, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2012 -- As the old adage goes: accidents will happen. Sadly these days they happen all too often. Car accidents, trips and falls, and workplace related injuries are all on the increase. Unfortunately these accidents can lead to serious, life changing injuries that can destroy earning potential and severely disrupt quality of life. Many legal practices work to get justice for people who have been injured in such a debilitating way. They seek to redress the wrongs caused by negligence that leads to personal injury.

One law firm is taking this principle even further. Diamond and Diamond, a well respected Toronto, Ontario based personal injury law practice, aren’t just trying to seek justice for those who have been in an accident. They are actually actively trying to prevent accidents through an extensive and high profile campaign.

Diamond and Diamond have already gained a substantial reputation for getting the very best results for their personal injury clients, but they are now acting in the public interest. David S. Diamond and Jeremy Diamond, lawyers with over three decades of personal injury litigation experience between them, are using their knowledge of accidents and negligence to inform the public of potential accident risks.

One execution of their public-spirited campaign is the “Know Your Rights” campaign that appears on CP24 with Cam Wooley. This regularly broadcast segment, sponsored by Diamond and Diamond, informs the public about ways to avoid accidents. It has had guest appearances from Brian Patterson from the Ontario Safety League, Jeremy Diamond from Diamond and Diamond, and representatives from the Insurance Bureau of Canada. One segment featured Jeremy Diamond discussing pool safety. He spoke about ways that homeowners with backyard pools can take precautions to prevent drowning or other unfortunate pool related accidents.

David Diamond, speaking on behalf of Diamond and Diamond, said: “It might seem counter intuitive for a personal injury litigation firm to spend money on accident prevention. After all, we make our money from accidents. However, we meet people every day who have been subjected to significant physical and psychological trauma as a result of accidents caused by negligence. We deal with incredibly heart wrenching cases. Some of our clients have had their lives destroyed by accidents. We also have clients who have lost their husbands or wives in accidental deaths. The thing that is most frustrating is that all these accidents could have been prevented. Because of our experience as personal injury lawyers, we’re very acquainted with accidents and negligence. We’re well positioned to advise on how to prevent them, and we’re now using that knowledge in the public interest.”

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