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Jericho Johnson: Thrilling New Series Breaks the Rules with Fresh Spin on Time Travel Genre

Written by J.A. Stowell, these novels tell the tale of a man who knows everything about history – until he discovers a whole lot more. Traveling back in time, Jericho begins the most exhilarating roller-coaster ride of his life… until he meets a mysterious Russian and learns that messing with time could get a person killed… or worse.


Jasper, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2014 -- With the release of the first two installments of his ‘Jericho Johnson’ series, author J.A. Stowell has flipped the world of Time Travel Literature upside down.

Featuring an extraordinary main character, a bold writing style and captivating plotlines, ‘Jericho Johnson: The Gauntlet of Time’ and ‘Jericho Johnson: Fixed & Ticked’ break the mold and offer readers a fresh take on a genre that often relies on clichés or puzzling scientific explanations. With their unique first-person narratives, the books read like verbal recordings, with the reader in on the action and feeling as if they’re right there along with Jericho.

“No one wants to feel flummoxed or worse, unintelligent at the end of a novel,” says Stowell. “I’ve heard from so many fans that they loved the way they weren’t taken out of the adventure and excitement with the jargon that’s so common in many Time Travel novels. They could delve deeper into the storyline because they weren’t worried about becoming confused. After all, it’s not about throwing big words or unnecessary knowledge around – it’s about entertainment.”


Jericho Johnson: Gauntlet of Time is a new take on the much overdone time-traveling genre with a fresh, rule-breaking take on the choices and ramifications associated with such.

Jericho Johnson is a twenty-two year old prodigy who has a master’s degree in history, living out his life teaching at a college to students mostly older than him. When he discovers a white gauntlet with the ability to send him through time and space on a freak hiking trip, though, his already abnormal existence gets even more so when he begins traveling to all the wondrous places he had read about. Also, he uses his new gift like anyone else would in 2012 and becomes a billionaire in a few short months as he predicts major, world-changing outcomes and events, keeping the gauntlet a secret while the populace hoists him atop the pantheon of prophets, seers, wizards and the just plain lucky.

Jericho's perfect, time-traveling life is turned upside down when he meets Chloe Sparks, a Russian girl from the year 2340, who tries to tell him that he should stop while he was ahead and give her his precious gauntlet.

But just when Jericho thinks getting pulled over by a future time-cop is all he has to worry about, he meets Klaus, another man from the future who has his own private agenda including, but not limited to, the destruction of the Jericho's world and a major Russian takeover.

When the reality hits, Jericho, along with a ragtag group of antiheroes he pulled from several different times, step up to the plate to stop the madman, save the world, everyone in it, and, most of all, time itself.

Jericho Johnson: Fixed & Ticked

Time has a way of changing a man forever.

At least that's what Jericho Johnson thinks after waking up strapped to an operating table in the year 2345 being held against his will in Flagstaff, Arizona. It's been over two years since he last remembered anything and now he's been pieced together by Dr. Cross, a man with a shadowy agenda. After discovering he now possesses new-found abilities that are, however helpful at times, frightening to wield, Jericho breaks free, unleashing his raw, unpracticed powers before meeting someone who knows more about him than he realizes, sending him on a mad quest for revenge to Anchorage, Alaska, where the man responsible for all of his current sorrow is residing.

With a few new comrades in tow, Jericho sets out on the road trip from hell across what's left of North America with all manner of creatures and unspeakable monstrosities along the shattered road to glorious vengeance.

With great power comes great revenge.

Buckle up and prepare yourself for the non-stop action ride of the year.

In the brief time since the books’ release dates, Stowell’s series has earned rave reviews from fans on Amazon.com.

“I have a feeling Jericho Johnson: The Gauntlet of Time is just the first step in a journey of epic proportions for readers who are willing to give this young writer a chance,” wrote Brian.

Calling the series “outstanding!” Isaac Crutchfield wrote: “A book that has broken the rules, and delivered an experience that I will remember forever. Not only is this funny, and adventurous, but it grabs the reader and pulls you into a story of monumental proportions. Without a doubt, the best book I've read in years.”

“I read this book pretty quickly over a weekend. Once I started, I couldn't wait to find out how the story played out. I am a big fan of witty sci-fi (Douglas Adams type stuff) and this book didn't disappoint. Well done; I'm looking forward to more Jericho Johnson adventures,” wrote David Wingate Grimes.

As for Stowell, he is hard at work on the next installment in Jericho’s story.

“Jericho’s not done yet. I think there’s a lot more to experience with him,” says the author. “Readers of the first two books will know that he is the kind of guy who can take you anywhere – and will! Not to mention, all the reviews I’ve had have been clamoring for the third book, and that’s such a great compliment for a writer to receive. I don’t want to disappoint, so I’m definitely penning the latest Jericho novel as we speak.”

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‘Jericho Johnson: The Gauntlet of Time’: http://amzn.to/1iSgsvd
‘Jericho Johnson: Fixed & Ticked’: http://amzn.to/PcXIMz

About the Author: J.A. Stowell
J.A. Stowell is a young aspiring author residing in South-East Texas and trying to make a name in the grand world of the written word. Sci-fi/Fantasy fiction is his forte' but he also likes dabbling in the historical fiction areas and isn't afraid to push limits (or envelopes, for that matter).