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Jesus Phenomenon Return: New Book by Fritz Michel Urges People to Take Responsibility for Their Faith.

Providing readers with a strong blueprint for changing their life and their faith, Fritz Michel’s new book showcases signs of the coming of the End Times, while simultaneously providing a beautiful vision of how the world will change.


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2013 -- Claiming to be an incarnation of the Angel Michael, who chased Satan from God’s house, Florida’s Fritz Michel has an important job on Earth. Opening both his heart and his soul, Fritz is delighted to announce the launch of a compelling new book.

‘Jesus Phenomenon Return’ is, in itself, as powerful as the author who created it.


“Fritz Michel, a true angel and prophet, has opened his heart and soul to give the gift of his understanding to a waiting world. Fritz knows that before Christ can come again, the world must be prepared. In this eye-opening and inspiring book, Fritz explains the fallacies of the modern church, and provides strong direction for Christians to reform themselves and their worship. He discusses the signs of the coming End Times, and shares his brilliant vision of how the world will change.

How can you be sure that Fritz is a true prophet? You must judge by the fruits of his labor - you must judge by how true and sweet they really are, rather than listening to those who simply disagree with him. Now is the time to take responsibility for your faith: open your eyes to recognize what is truly good, and feel it in your soul.

The time you spend with Fritz will change your life, and allow you to change the lives of those around you when you spread his astonishing message.”

As the author explains, his place on Earth marks a powerful vision of the past and for the future.

“I have recognized and partnered with other angels to prepare the earth for what is to come. I am the prophet, Moses who spoke about who was to come. My callings include the ability to channel God, similar to the way an antenna or radio wave broadcasts information,” says Michel.

Continuing, “I also hold the key to God’s house, and his greatest wish is that everyone will enter through the door of salvation. I know I have the power to dominate Satan and conquer his works on earth, and invite you to take refuge in my authority, my enlightenment, and my vision of the world to come.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews.

For example, Tammy (a reader), said that, “As a Christian believer I have read many interesting, inspiring books to help encourage me in my daily walk with Christ. This book is a bit different, as I have never read some of the descriptions of what life will be like before and after Christ comes again, but I am sure it could help someone grow closer to God. Fritz has done a great deal of research on many facts in this book, that I am sure will bring a interesting discussion among believers of God.”

Expected to resonate with readers around the world, interested parties are urged to step forward and purchase their copy while supplies last.

‘Jesus Phenomenon Return’, published by Outskirts Press, is available from Amazon: http://amzn.to/Um7sAq

About the Author: Fritz Michel
I am an incarnation. God sent me to be born on this earth the same way He sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to be born on this earth, for a specifi c reason. Because when there is something that man cannot do on earth, God always sends someone who has more power than man on earth, to do what He would like o have do.

Fritz Michel, a true angel and prophet, has opened his heart and soul to give the gift of his understanding to a waiting world.