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Jetc Logistics Inc Launches Cool Coffee Mugs from Their Website


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2013 -- The winter is almost here and Jetc Logistics could not find a better moment to launch their cool coffee mugs: Easy and Cool.

In the past has been a challenge to maintain out hot beverages warm enough during the winter but thanks to technology is a matter of the past.

These coffee mugs can maintain liquids hot for up to 7 hours without the use of energy, in case care about energy preservation; not to mention the huge amount of disposable coffee cups that would be saving to the planet every year by using Easy and Cool, which are also BPA free.

These mugs can also keep cold beverages for up to 15 hours, which makes them ideal for the summer time as well. Such temperature retention can be achieved thanks to a combination of factors, such as a double stainless-steel wall, an internal mechanism of pressurization, the addition of new insulating materials such as TPR and an anti-spill system.

This anti-spill mechanism is a feature that any coffee lover will appreciate, because it protects from accidental burns.

Without pressing a button, the liquid will not come out, reducing the chances of being injured by hot liquids, or getting the kids affected in case of an accidental manipulation of a conventional coffee mug . This can also protect furniture, documents, and electronic devices.

Thanks to the double wall and their powerful insulation, the external surface of the coffee mug will not get hot; making them easy to handle and carry around safely.

For a limited time, due to their launch Jetc Logistics is offering free shipping when bought directly on their website.

Please visit website for further details about these mugs: Cool Coffee Mugs and as well follow them on social media in their Facebook page: Best Travel Mugs.

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