JetSpring Continuing to Take New Clients in the New Year


Radnor, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2016 -- Universities and colleges that plan on increasing their enrollment through their website in 2016 might not feel like they have the resources or time to make it happen. However, one company that they can count on to accomplish this task is JetSpring. With JetSpring's live chat service, universities and colleges can entice more website visitors to apply. What's more, their operators are trained to answer all questions prospective or current students, alumni, or parents will have about the school.

Aside from helping to increase enrollments, there are also many other benefits of having their operators handle all of the live chat communication. For example, if a university or college wishes to offer a supplemental form of communication between their students and administration, utilizing their live chat service is ideal. In fact, a case study JetSpring performed found that total communication between a school's students and its administration went down over 40% once the live chat option was removed from the site. But, once it was reinstalled, communication grew.

For a university or college to reap the most benefits from JetSpring's live chat services, their administration should work in conjunction with the operators assigned to their account. If an operator determines that a website visitor is trying to move the conversation to a phone call to acquire more information, she or he will be transferred to the admission department. Inevitably, the company's service serves as a "pre-screening tool" to help guarantee that prospective students are directed where they need to go to apply.

When universities and colleges are looking for an effective live chat software and service in 2016, one company that they should turn to is JetSpring. To learn more about the company's services, please reach out to them by calling 866-255-1827, emailing, or chatting with them on their website,

About JetSpring
JetSpring's mission is to help Colleges and Universities turn their website visitors into new students. The company offers a live chat pre-screening service where JetSpring's professionals answer any questions a potential student may have regarding a specific College or University. The company prides itself on offering experienced and educated live chat operators who will go above and beyond for their clients.

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