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JFK Airport Helps Busy Travelers Find Flights and Arrange Transportation Easily


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/19/2012 -- JFK Airport announced today that their website can help busy travelers coming to and from JFK airport in Jamaica, Queens. In addition to detailed information about flight arrivals and departures, the company also provides details about car services, parking, tourist attractions and other traveler-specific questions.

For both domestic and international travelers, the company offers an all-inclusive list of countries and states that offer flights to JFK airport, including how many and where these flights depart from. A traveler from Los Angeles, for example, could find that there are 39 airlines that offer direct flights to JFK airport. That same traveler could then find estimated prices on those flights as well as information about the best time of year to travel.

“Our website really is a one-stop shop for people who want information about flying to and from JFK,” said a company spokesman for JFK Airport. “There’s no need to visit an individual airline’s site when we provide everything an individual could want to know about flight times, directions and other important information necessary for either business or pleasure travel.”

For family members or friends eagerly awaiting the arrival of an inbound flight to JFK airport, the site offers live, up-to-date information about the day’s incoming flights, including the airline, flight number and scheduled arrival times. Users can search by destination, airline or flight number to easily find out when planes will be arriving.

Another useful component of the website is the section on car rentals. Travelers can learn why making reservations for a rental car before arrival is important, whether coming to or leaving from the airport. The company also provides recommendations for the best car rental services and helpful questions to ask before renting a car. For those coming to the airport from the greater New York area, JFK Airport provides detailed information about transportation, whether by train, bus or taxi.

For tourists or first-time visitors to JFK airport, the company also details the area’s entertainment options and attractions, many of which are located close to the airport itself. Places like Jamaica Bay, Rockaway Beach, Roy Wilkins Recreation Center, the Imagine Mosaic or the Dixie Dew Stables can all provide a fun diversion for travelers on early flights or those with a little extra time to spare before departing.

About JFK Airport
JFK Airport contains information useful to travelers in and around the greater New York area, including live arrivals and departures, transportation options to and from the airport and guides to other services at the airport. With a full list of flights, travelers can get current information about different airlines and cancelled or delayed flights. The company also provides comprehensive resources about local attractions, parking and directions to and from JFK airport. For more information about JFK Airport, please visit: http://www.jfkairport.net/