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JGWZ Media Publishes a Report That Shows How to Boost Revenue by 10 Percent

Clients find they learn a great deal from this report about how to increase revenue through web design and more, announces JGWZMedia.com


Altamonte Springs, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/02/2015 -- JGWZ Media, an Orlando web design firm, announces the release of an exclusive report that details how to boost revenue by 10 percent this year. Individuals who join the JGWZ Insider group receive this report and learn what is currently working for clients. Those who choose to receive this report never have to worry about their privacy, as this information is never shared with third parties.

"Website design in Orlando remains one way to attract new clients and generate more income. Websites designed by our company function on desktops, phones and tablets. The goal is to determine the needs of the client and build a site that reflects the philosophy and brand of their company. All websites are optimized for speed and search engines to ensure clients are easily found," John Foret, spokesperson for JGWZ Media, states.

According to The Next Web, companies often focus on devices, as opposed to focusing on screen size. Currently, there are more than 24,000 different Android devices available to consumers, and this doesn't take into account other devices, such as those running iOS. For this reason, screens must be targeted, rather than individual devices.

"Screen sizes range from micro-screens to extra-large. As a result, a Web design in Orlando company needs to focus on this aspect. Doing so ensures all devices provide the same viewing experience, whether they are a small tablet, an over-sized phone or a desktop," Foret continues.

Website navigation also needs to take into account the size of the screen. Many companies demand consistent navigation, yet this isn't the best option. When creating responsive design navigation, typefaces, color treatments and button or link labels need to be consistent.

In contrast, Foret states, visual layout and button size should change to accommodate the various screen sizes. Furthermore, the way the navigation works should be taken into account. Touch screens may require flexible navigation, yet desktop screens function well with static navigation.

Responsive design is only one area of great importance when it comes to website design. Many others play a role, such as hidden content and performance. Contact a professional for assistance in designing a website to ensure it produces the desired results.

"Request the report today to learn of other ways to boost revenue. Companies need every edge they can obtain, and an effective website is one tool every company should use. We can help you create a website that draws in new clients and keeps current ones engaged," Foret declares.

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