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Miami Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/01/2012 -- A floor mounted jib crane offers consistent responsiveness and effortless rotation when positioning loads through open doorways, in a work cell or into machines. Floor mounted jib cranes are easy to install and relocate if ever needed, with capacities from 150 to 2000 lbs, spanning up to 16 feet. These cranes can be bought on website that now hired to boost their search engine rankings in order to get targeted traffic from the Internet, and ultimately increase their sales revenue. is a division of Hoosier Crane Service Company, which is the best place to get overhead cranes. This division is a great solution to anyone’s jib crane material handling needs. They are committed to supplying only high quality jib products at more than affordable and competitive prices, with the quickest delivery possible. strongly believes in their products so they are willing to give 5 years warranty on all motorized and manual floor mounted jib cranes.

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One of the top sales people in the warehouse talks about jib cranes, “Our floor mounted jib cranes are great in open areas where they are able to serve several work stations. They also work out great as loading docks and can be used in assembly and machining operations. Another great idea is to use several floor mounted jib cranes together to provide staged coverage. Their capacities vary from 500 to 10,000 lbs while spanning up to 20 feet. All of the floor jib cranes can use manual chain hoists, wire rope hoists or electric ones. Since I come from the sales department I can say that our sales tripled in the last couple of years, and now we want to concentrate on even larger portion of the potential customers waiting in front of their computers. That is where comes in a rescue.”

If you would like to contact, visit their website or call their phone number at 800-509-6131.