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Jigsaw: Compelling Novel by Jeanie Clemmens Tells Story of Two Women, Romance and the Politics of War.

Appealing to females across the nation, ‘Jigsaw’ fuses fact with fiction to take readers on a journey with two women who defy a gasoline ban by walking to a new city to find work and romance. Laced with historical references to the politics of war, Jeanie Clemmens latest novel is set to become a literary classic.


Apollo, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2013 -- Romantic adventures have been a staple of the literary world for generations. However, author Jeanie Clemmens is redefining the genre with ‘Jigsaw’, a powerful new chick-lit book that uniquely fuses fact with fiction.

Telling the story of two women who set out to walk from one city to another in search of work and romance, the book is proving an insightful read for women of all ages.


If you couldn't drive anymore, even to work, what would you do?

Dr. Beatrice (Beat) Duncan and her friend Darla lose their jobs when multiple missile attacks force the country to adopt a complete ban on gasoline affecting all transportation. To find work they decide to make the journey to another city on foot. As they struggle with the perils of long distance walking, a terrorist follows them to get something he believes they have.

If they make it to Pittsburgh, romance and the promise of jobs await them. But only if they stay alive.

As the author explains, her narrative takes a trip back to America’s past, with plenty of freedom for creativity.

“Not everyone remembers the peace movement and the book includes some background about it. Because it is fiction, I was able to speculate about what would happen if the peace movement won and America embraced pacifism,” says Clemmens.

Continuing, “Although the country responds to multiple Arab attacks with only a domestic gasoline ban, it becomes evident that retaliation is a more effective deterrent to Arab aggression. The story is mainly about two women, but the politics of war are an underlying theme.”

Forced to fight the tribulations of power outages, plenty of rain and sleeping in a cramped car, Clemmens also hopes her book will inspire women to recognize their many strengths.

“Both characters are strong-willed and professional women. Therefore, they draw on their strengths to keep them going. I can’t divulge the extent to which they may succeed, but I can say that their physical and emotional journey will resonate with every female reader,” she adds.

Critics praise Clemmens for her diligent efforts to inject plenty of real-world fact into her story. With a reality that is as entertaining as the book’s fictional facets, ‘Jigsaw’ is set to find its place in modern publishing’s history books.

Due to the expected high demand, interested readers are urged to purchase their copy of the book as soon as possible.

‘Jigsaw’, published by the author, is available from Smashwords: http://bit.ly/W3krLQ

About Jeanie Clemmens
Jeanie Clemmens lives in Pennsylvania with a yellow lab, a great dane and her husband, who takes her motorcycling. Her background is in accounting and math but she enjoys writing to exercise her right brain, Skype-ing her son in Japan and e-mailing her daughters in California and Virginia keep her close to family that she cherishes.