Jim Parsons Looks to Raise $50,000 via Indiegogo to Take WheelchairJimmy and His Accessibility Travel Website to the Next Level of Success

Wheelchair Jimmy has developed a travel advisory website, database, and YouTube Channel to make disabled travel more fun, accessible convenient and hassle free.


Bainbridge Island, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2014 -- Jim Parsons is the founder of and the WheelchairJimmy YouTube Channel. He created this unique travel advisory website to improve the quality of life, travel and leisure for millions of disabled persons in wheelchairs worldwide.

During his career, Jim has traveled the globe in a wheelchair but has encountered about every accessibility issue imaginable: multiple steps at the front door, restrooms that are not accessible, properties located on dangerously steep streets, historic buildings which are not accessible, and the dreaded small hydraulic lifts that half the time don’t work. Jim states “today many hotels, restaurants, cruise ships and city attractions say they are accessible or ADA compliant, but it’s just not so. The government’s definition of “ADA Compliant” is over 25 years old and needs an upgrade”.

WheelchairJimmy’ ‘s strategy has been to build a database, a new wheelchair accessibility index (the “WJAR” index) and a unique user-friendly website with detailed accessibility reviews on thousands of facilities worldwide. They advise wheelchair travelers which hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, and city attractions are wheelchair friendly, and more importantly, which properties to avoid.

At this point, WheelchairJimmy has created the engine and processes, but they still need to build out the content management platform, extend their digital technology initiatives including data driven interactivity,and add new cities. To accomplish these goals, and to become the most trusted name in accessible travel, they are relying on help, donations and support from the Indiegogo community.

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