Jim Peters Launches Gospel Music Video for 'Beautiful'


NSW, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/21/2013 -- Jim Peters, evangelist and a teacher, who uses his voice to bring people closer to Jesus and help them bring harmony in their life, has launched a new Youtube Christian Music video for his highly successful Southern Gospel album 'Beautiful', on 4th June, 13. Jim Peters finds it his supreme mission to use his songwriting skills to motivate people and help them to the light of God. He has released 10 albums so far and won several Australian Gospel Music Awards as well as an international recognition with a great fan following.

The concept behind 'Beautiful' is to make people realize their worth. It is an effort by Peters to help us come out of negativity that gnaws us day in and out, making us feel distressed, hopeless and helpless. He believes everyone can attain the right sense of peace in his/her life by working on his/her relation with God. God has made everyone beautiful but sometimes we are unable to see the light that He has put in our hearts, just like the glass that collects grime over the time. So, all that's required at that time is to fill that heart with hope again. Now here is when 'Beautiful' can help you. As Peters says, “they are songs of hope and will lift your spirit.”

The album is full of inspirational songs that will prove mood-uplifting and will make you see the true beauty that God has blessed you with. You can get an idea of what the album is going to be like by taking a view at the title of songs in the album. Some of these are: Your Love Lifts Me, Glory& Wisdom & Power & Love, Just To Praise You, You are Holy, Everliving God, Lift Up Your Heads, There To Carry Me, Great & Wonderful, And I Love You, Worthy Of All Praise. The album boasts of 16 such tracks that are written for spiritual healing and proclaims to provide the missing balance in our lives. Peters wishes, “his life be a living testimony of God working in him and through him”. “From this philosophy flows hundreds of songs based upon Scripture and biblical principles.”

In words of Jim Peters, “Beautiful is an album that brings hope and declares the truth of God's word that basically says you're beautiful”. The line aptly sums up what this latest video in line is all about. You can place your orders online and see how this album changes your life.

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