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Jimmy Kimmel Inspires College Student Entrepreneurs

College students create innovative dual-chamber shot glass, the Snapshotr, after watching Jimmy Kimmel Live.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2014 -- After nearly three years of research and development, two college student entrepreneurs create the world’s most revolutionary dual-chamber shot glass, the Snapshotr.

Anticipated to be one of the biggest innovations for drinking shots in the modern era, the simple-to-use dual-chamber shot glass can completely separate the shot and built-in chaser. The Snapshotr is already being hailed as a must have, with popular news outlets such as Elite Daily proclaiming, “The glass is appropriately named the Snapshotr and there’s a big chance it’s better than any shot glass you’ve collected so far.”

The patent-pending glass, currently a week into a , would not be possible without the inspiration from the leading entrepreneurial late night show host, Jimmy Kimmel.

The inventors, two childhood friends, graduated in May 2014, one as a physics major from Colgate University, and the other as a communications major from the University of Pennsylvania. Their invention was sparked by Kimmel after watching him drink a shot of hand sanitizer with John Cusack back in an April 2012 airing of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

“It took Kimmel fourteen perilous seconds to find a chaser for the hand sanitizer. Nobody should have to experience that,” says Andrew Levin, co-founder of the startup. The YouTube video released in late October demonstrating the Snapshotr, has already garnered nearly 400,000 views. “We are ready to meet Jimmy on Jimmy Kimmel Live to show him and the world the smoothest way to take a shot.”

The Snapshotr is the first dual-chamber shot glass of its kind. Its elegant design rivals the ingenuity and innovation of Kimmel’s widely successful equine fashion startup “Horse Pants”, which received funding from Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec of $5 million this past October.

“Kimmel and Guillermo’s startup story is just like ours” says Snapshotr co-founder Justin Altus. “We have a really great invention so we are taking it to the place where great products are appreciated, Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

The founders are looking forward to taking “magic water” shots with Guillermo and introducing him to the tastiest way to take a shot of tequila.

About the Snapshotr
The Snapshotr was created by childhood friends Justin Altus and Andrew Levin. The duo launched a successful Kickstarter campaign in early November, where they are currently accepting pre-orders for Snapshotrs, which will be delivered in time for Christmas.

To learn more, visit their website or their Kickstarter page

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