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J&L Paving Concepts Helps Businesses Make a Great First Impression


Warminster, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2018 -- J&L Paving Concepts offers parking lot maintenance services in Montgomery County, Bucks County, and Northeast Philadelphia that will help local businesses make a good first impression on their customers. This paving company's affordable services include sealcoating, line striping, and crack filling.

Most customers first interact with a business when they drive into its parking lot. If the asphalt is aged and rough, they will step out of their car with a negative first impression. To create the best possible customer experience, a business's asphalt should be smooth, with a rich black finish. It should be a pleasure to drive on.

Parking lots need a new sealcoat every two to three years. This process protects the asphalt from damage caused by rain, snow, and sunlight, as well as wear-and-tear from constant traffic. Regular sealcoat application extends the parking lot's life and improves its appearance considerably. When a business owner can see surface deterioration such as small cracks or a change in color, it is time to call a professional paving company and ask about this service.

Companies with a significant crack in their parking lot need J&L Paving Concept's crack filling service. This important repair prevents the formation of potholes and stops water penetration that can disturb the asphalt's subbase.

Finally, this company's line striping service is essential to both a business's aesthetics and its safety. Bright, clean parking lot stripes will maximize parking spaces, direct traffic flow, identify handicap spaces, and improve overall curb appeal.

J&L Paving Concepts has over 22 years of paving experience, and they always offer quality products, accurate pricing, and fantastic customer service. To schedule a free estimate for a parking lot repair in Northeast Philadelphia, call J&L Paving Concepts at 267-343-5282.

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