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J&L Paving Concepts Informs Residents About the Dangers of Driveway Cracking


Warminster, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/14/2017 -- Many homeowners do not realize how many cracks they have in their driveway. One local authority on driveway paving in Bucks County wants people to take a second look at their driveway before heading out to work tomorrow morning. J&L Paving Concepts, a trusted commercial asphalt company in Springfield PA, is warning residents to make sure that their driveway is being properly treated and protected following the harsh winter season.

J&L Paving Concepts stated that their primary goal in informing residents about the dangers of driveway cracking is to help prevent larger, more expensive damage that is the eventual result of a large amount of seemingly insignificant cracks. Representatives stated that not many local residents do not know the extent to which a single winter can damage their driveway. When snow and ice melt, they seep into the asphalt of a driveway, getting into every nook and cranny. Then, when the temperature drops low enough to cause freezing again, the water expands, making cracks already present in the driveway larger and more prominent. Over the course of just one winter, this process can be repeated dozens of times - and when spring finally rolls around, many homeowners find that they have much more dangerous cracking than before the fall. Other winter issues, like the heavy use of rock salt and sharp snow tires, can also make these issues worse.

Local residents are advised to protect their driveways with sealcoating. Residents are warned that sealcoating chemicals can be dangerous, so they should only trust a professional commercial sealcoating company in Springfield PA to get the job done safely.

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