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J&L Paving Has Just Announced New Summer Savings on Select Sealcoating Jobs


Warminster, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/01/2013 -- The summer of 2013 is underway, and J&L Paving is offering customers a few opportunities to save some of their hard earned cash. Right now, J&L Paving is offering a $50 discount on any sealcoating job of $350 or more. The promotion is valid through July 18th. June and July is a great time to sealcoat a driveway. Now, customers have an additional incentive to sealcoat their driveways with J&L Paving’s summer special.

Sealcoating is an extremely important and cost efficient way to ensure a longer life of one’s driveway. Driveways and other paved areas are exposed to harsh conditions all year round. The varying temperatures cause expansion and contraction, which eventually leads to cracks in a driveway. The sun’s UV rays also cause damage to driveways and paved areas. Rather than waiting for a driveway to need complete repaving, sealcoating is a great way to repair small cracks and maintain a healthy surface.

Sealcoating is a quick and easy process. Homeowners will typically only need to remain off of the driveway for two days. Under certain conditions, a driveway may need to remain untouched for up to 72 hours. After about a month, the newly sealcoated driveway should be completely cured. J&L Paving recommends sealcoating a driveway about every 2-3 years, to ensure adequate protection of the surface. Furthermore, a newly sealcoated driveway is aesthetically pleasing and improves a home’s curb appeal.

J&L Paving can complete most sealcoating jobs in a few hours. The early summer is a great time to sealcoat because higher temperatures help in the curing process. Now, customers can take advantage of discounted prices on driveway sealcoating in Bucks County with J&L Paving’s $50 discount.

If a person is interested in finding more about J&L Paving’s driveway paving in Bucks County, or any other of their other services, any potential customer can give them a call at 267-343-5282, or visit them on their website and fill out a contact form. J&L Paving also provides professional paving services for commercial establishments, and any customer seeking commercial paving services from the paving company can also get in touch with them. To learn more visit http://www.jlpaving.net