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J&L Paving Has Just Announced New Tips to Lengthen the Life of a Driveway


Warminster, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2013 -- Whether it is a business or a home, first impressions are important and maintaining a driveway is critical. The cold temperatures in the winter cause concrete and asphalt driveways to contract. Then in the summer, the harsh sun causes those driveways to expand. Through the various weather changes, driveways are exposed to a continuously strenuous environment and require routine maintenance. J&L Paving is now informing customers about some new tips that will help lengthen the life of their driveways.

Whether it is a concrete driveway or more common asphalt driveway, weather changes cause these surfaces to crack. Furthermore, pressure has an effect on these surfaces and can cause damage over time. The summer months represent a time of increased vulnerability to pressure, due to the expansion of the materials. New driveways can be particularly susceptible to pressure related damage. One of the easiest ways a property owner or home owner can lengthen the life of their driveway is to park vehicles in different positions.

Getting in the habit of parking a vehicle in a different area or position can help to reduce concentrated pressure in certain areas. Many individuals will use their driveways for storage. However, minimizing the amount of items on a driveway can increase the overall lifespan and save the owner money. The single most important way to increase the lifespan of a driveway is to keep up with crack filling and other routine maintenance. Cracks can lead to significant damage for a driveway. Moisture and water will penetrate a driveway through cracks and cause the eventual deterioration of the material. Furthermore, other unwanted materials can enter through a crack and lead to additional problems. J&L Paving is a full service paving company in Montgomery County and is proud to offer a variety of services, including crack filling.

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