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J&L Paving Now Offering Parking Lot Repair to Bucks County


Warminster, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/04/2014 -- With temperatures now dipping below freezing, many are finding new cracks forming on their driveways and parking lots. The fissures are a result of water finding an opening in the surface and expanding as it froze. To help protect cars and pedestrians alike, J&L Paving is now offering parking lot repair in Bucks County. If left unattended, these minor cracks could become major hazards as winter sets in.

While these tiny cracks may seem like something that can be ignored due to their size, early action could save business owners hundreds of dollars in parking lot repair costs. As more water collects in the openings and freezes, it will continue to increase the vertical and lateral size of the crack. It may also cause spider cracks leading to an ever growing chain of damage. With there being a high potential for increasing damage, lot owners should address the issue as soon as they notice it.

If this winter is nearly as bad as the last one, the parking lot will be put at an even greater risk. The danger comes not just from freezing water, but also snow plows. While the crack may only create a small lip, that is enough for the snow plow to catch. When the plow catches the lip, it can create a problem for the lot owner and the owner of the plow as both are likely to be damaged. The plow is strong enough to tear up large pieces of the pavement before the driver notices any issues. The newly created pothole can be a tripping hazard for those walking in the lot, as well as an area that will cause damage to the cars driving over it.

Lot owners should prepare their parking lots by having J&L Paving repair any issues and reseal the entire lot. To get a free estimate on the repair, call the premier paving company in Bucks County, or visit the J&L Paving website today.

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