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JLC International Presents New Version of the Shaw Moisture Meter Superdew 3


New Britain, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2015 -- Shaw Moisture Meters, the well-renowned instrument manufacturer located in Bradford, UK, has reintroduced their Superdew dewpoint meter, with upgraded features. JLC International is pleased to present the new version of the dewpoint meter, Shaw Moisture Meter Superdew 3. The on-line hygrometer is a single channel instrument designed to measure dewpoint in compressed air and process gases. The Superdew 3 is the ideal choice for applications where precise control, measurement and monitoring is critical.

The panel indicator on the instrument now has a menu driven program sequence to adjust the set point of the wet and dry alarm relays with the scale of the analogue 4- 20 mA output. The new menu also configures the unit for a different dewpoint sensor range. The user can set the indicator in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius, as well as moisture content per volume (lbs/MMSCF) and moisture content ppm (v). Features of the Superdew 3 include 6 feet (2 meters) of sensor cable, a stainless steel sensor block and, of course, the globally-famous Shaw Dewpoint Sensor with dewpoint temperature ranges down to -100 C (-148 F).

The Shaw Moisture Meter Superdew 3 also consists of the Sensor Holder and circular Shaw Pressure Dewpoint Calculator. The customer can fully configure the instrument according to their specifications due to the repeatable and highly accurate Shaw sensor and innovative digital electronics.

For more information about the Shaw Moisture Meter Superdew 3, JLC International can be contacted by dialing 888-358-2518 or by emailing In addition, the international instrument measurement distribution company also supplies the industrial humidity sensor.

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