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JLC International Utilizes Time-of-Flight Measurements with Atrato Flowmeters


New Britain, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2018 -- JLC International provides temperature, moisture, and flow metering instrumentation to meet the needs of the many industries that require accurate readings pertaining to flow travel and moisture content. The company offers regular flowmeters, dewpoint sensors, ultrasonic flowmeters, temperature and humidity sensors, and a variety of instrumentation for detecting and measuring air velocity, moisture in oil, carbon dioxide, and even handheld multi instruments.

There are many different types of ultrasonic meter technologies to choose from, but when it comes to the best instrumentation, JLC International and Titan Enterprises believe in the accuracy and precision of Atrato's Flowmeters' time-of-flight measuring techniques for ease of installation and use.

Commercially, both bespoke and clamp-on low flow flowmeters are available. These flowmeters use signals transmitted across the pipe diagonally, and in the case of clamp-on flowmeters, a "reflected" signal is used. With this technique, sound is injected into a tube in the same direction fluid is traveling. This injected sound will arrive sooner than flow traveling against the fluid flow. This difference is a direct function of the fluid velocity.

With various ways to configure the transducers, one can obtain optimal results by ensuring the transducers are arranged to best meet the needs of the tube, the material flow, and the needs of the measuring initiative.

For further information on Atrato ultrasonic flowmeter technology click here. To discuss a bespoke ultrasonic flowmeter optimized for low flow application, please email JLC International. The company also provides humidity sensors, dewpoint sensors, and a variety of other measuring instrumentation to meet the many needs of their customers. For more information, please contact them at 1-888-358-2518. For any further questions or inquiries, fill out a contact form.

About JLC International
JLC International is a company that supplies and distributes measurement instruments. The business was established back in the mid-1990s by two individuals who have vast experience in the engineering and sales of measurement tools. They provide their products to industrial markets that use the devices to measure various liquids and gases. Their products are European imports that are manufactured with quality materials, making them durable and long lasting.

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