JM Ocean Avenue

JM Ocean Avenue Company Offers an Independent Distributorship to All Individuals in the Network Marketing Industry


South Jordan, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2014 -- JM Ocean Avenue offers extremely lucrative business opportunity to all people, who want to expand their network and get more clients. This joint venture company has organized various openings to promote a number of top quality products, divided into three categories: personal care, lifestyle and nutritional supplement.

JM Ocean Avenue is a fast growing company that has markets in 25 countries around the globe so far with the perspective to expand even further. The company is well-known for their holistic approach in creation of premium quality products that support the health and wellbeing of the customers.

The Wavefour group now provides an opportunity for the people to take advantage of their popularity and build their business based on a fruitful synergy with this widely recognized company. This cooperation will open up great opportunities before business people that will be able to earn via network marketing companies. The Wavefour group offers very simplified system for automated sales that greatly facilitates the role of all participants.

The cooperation with the Wavefour Group has the following benefits for their members:
- The distributors will gain access to experienced sales professionals, who will be able to help partners in multilevel marketing and all related issues.
- Automated sales process is provided.
- All prospects will be contacted by the telemarketing firm, which will answer their inquiries about the business.
- They will help and assist the new members to enroll.

Joining this venture means to “position yourself in front of the wave of massive growth”, as Ferrari, a member of the Wavefour group, says. He believes that the company takes all the pressure to approach all people from different cultural and geographic locations. This will allow distributors to greatly increase their earnings turning their business into global one.

Distributors from all over the world are attracted from the lucrative compensation plan offered by JM Ocean Avenue , which is based in the USA. Distributors in Asia and Europe can great benefit from this system, contacting prospects in Canada and America. The global network allows elimination of any foreign barrier.

This venture is launched on 5th of June 2014 and is currently available for any person, who does not want to have boss telling him what to do, but instead to have more free time to spend for himself or his family and no more worries about paying the monthly bills.

All, who would like to take advantage of this successful venture, can visit to find out more.

About JM Ocean Avenue
JM Ocean Avenue is created as a result of the cooperation between US-based Ocean Avenue, JM International, a network of over 10,000 customers and distributors, and a distributor of goods from China. The company specializes mainly in premium product in three different categories: lifestyle, personal care and nutritional supplement. All participants, including the team of founders, experts and consultants, along with employees and distributors are dedicated to the mission to improve the health and quality of life of people around the globe using top quality and safe products.

For more information, contact: Marco Ferrari
Phone: 1-888-255-5909 id(3324MF)