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JMS Enterprises Now Offering 10 Step Rug Cleaning Process for Fall 2014


Willow Grove, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/22/2014 -- JMS Enterprises is now offering their 10 Step Rug Cleaning Process for fall 2014. Their gentle, yet effective techniques involve the use of natural items such as water and air to remove soil and dirt. The company performs carpet cleaning in Horsham on all high end brands including Heriz, Tabriz, Isfahan, Gabbeh, Hamedan, Kerman, and Kashan Navajo Rugs.

The first step is an initial inspection and rug pickup. A JMS technician will come to the house and look at it to determine the level of cleaning that needs to be done, then roll up the carpet and take it to the company’s rug cleaning facility. At the facility, the rug will undergo further inspection. Technicians will document rug damage including dry and wet rot, mold and mildew, dye stains, discoloration, browning, color bleeding, rug spots, fading, worn or rotten fringes, and pet odors and waste.

Next rugs are dusted on both sides with The Rug Badger, a gentle yet effective device that will remove pounds of dust, dirt, and small particles. This step is followed by clear water rug cleaning, immersion wash, and rinse. JMS Enterprises tests to determine the colorfastness of the rug and the degree of moisture needed for the best cleaning results.

Next the rug goes through fresh air drying. The rugs are either hung outside or laid flat to dry naturally depending on the rug type. Then comes combing, brushing, and fluffing, fringe cleaning and grooming, and post cleaning vacuuming and inspection to make sure rugs are cleaned through completely.

Customers then have the option to add rug fiber protector, moth deterrent, and rug pad, and the company will return the rug back to their door.

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