JNL Fusion Fitness System - a Breakthrough Workout Program by Jennifer Nicole Lee


Van Nuys, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2013 -- JNL Fusion Fitness is a fantastic weight loss and muscle building program by none other than celebrity fitness professional Jennifer Nicole Lee. The purpose of the fitness program is to provide exercise enthusiasts and body building professionals with the right guidelines to lose fat and gain more muscle in a shorter period of time.

The JNL Fusion Review is one of many shared via The site is an amazing resource for anyone interested in knowing more about diets, nutrition, sport exercises, workout programs, specially formulated fitness routines from the world’s best renowned fitness experts and much more. Body FX provides people with reliable solutions for body toning, muscle building and genuine results that show in a matter of a few months. It takes 4 weeks for a person to start achieving small changes but as he or she progresses ahead, the work out programs become easier to follow until they feel almost like a part of everyday routine.

Jennifer Nicole Lee has many years of professional weight loss and muscle building experience both as a trainer and a living example of her prestigious fitness system: The JNL Fusion System. The program’s review from Body FX speaks of high praise for the Fusion System for its thorough focus and impact on each part of the body. The package includes 12 DVDs packed with super workouts which can be watched and followed, a 76 page fitness guide for all essential exercise and nutritional needs and to keep the individual on track, a free tape measure to track workout progress, a 14-day complete fat burning meal chart, a workout calendar and an extra DVD for flat, toned abs.

The JNL Fusion workout is all about getting rid of unwanted fat and gaining more muscle mass. This is done through the step by step series of DVD workouts prepared by JNL. Her program includes fusion basics for getting started, shoulder toning exercises and creating ripped muscles all through the arms and nape, core exercises for a firm backside and spine, lower body toning exercises which aim for long shapely legs, powerful thighs and agile feet. The crazy circuit cardio allows the body to burn the unwanted fat while the bicep builder adds more muscle to the forearms. There are also two DVDs dedicated to special stretching exercises and a full 10 minute body workout. The results are impressive and will keep a person motivated to achieve his or her weight goals.

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