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Job Applications Guide Adds Hundreds More Application How to Guides in Latest Development

Job Applications Guide has added hundreds of new job application guides for a diverse array of industries, professionals and career levels to help everyone get the best from their service.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2014 -- With tuition fees skyrocketing and many students crippled by student debt, many feel the pressure to get a high earning job right out of college. The unfortunately reality however is that the current market cannot support the burden of high qualified but inexperienced individuals taking on roles with great responsibility. As a result, many graduates are struggling to find work that can help them put their skills to good use. Job Applications Guide is a web presence that helps them find job applications for all the best companies in the US, and has recently added hundreds more together with comprehensive how to guides so applications lead to interviews.

With the addition of hundreds more online job applications the site now comes with a bold tagline, claiming to have applications for every major company in the US. If this is hyperbole, it would take a huge amount of research to find one not covered. Not only do they have the job applications themselves, but how to guides on how to excel in the application process.

Each application guide includes information tailored to the specific company and industry, giving individuals background on the pay grades and career paths as well as benefits, with further guidance through basic and advanced application tips to increase the chance of success.

A spokesperson for Job Applications Guide explained, “Our mission has been to get students on the path to a better career at a time when there are more graduates and fewer jobs than ever. Unfortunately this means facing the reality that graduates will still have to start lower down the ladder than they may have expected, but the good news is that many industries are open to quickly advancing these individuals if they succeed in getting onto the first rung of the ladder. We give them the tools to do, and no matter what job a student is looking for, they can find the right applications from us that will go directly to a decision maker.”

About Job Applications Guide
Job Applications Guide was originally a general career reference site, it quickly evolved into a site that would educate and offer career search advice specifically for students of all ages. With a growing number of graduates annually, and a declining number of published job openings, their goal is to close the gap between supply and demand. For more information please visit: