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Job Coaching, Resume Advice and Tips on Interviewing Are All Featured in New Job Solutions Blog


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2012 -- As the economy continues to struggle, the unemployment rate has remained high and millions of people are out of work. Although many Americans are actively looking for jobs, a poorly-written resume or a shaky performance during an interview may be hurting their chances of securing a position.

A new website is already creating quite a buzz for its helpful and in-depth advice and tips on how to get a job. Job Solutions Blog was created by Travis Swam, who has worked in the field of job coaching for over a decade. In his new site, Swam offers readers a plethora of help on everything from cover letters, resumes and job networking tips to information on barriers to employment and various career choices.

As Swam noted in one of his articles, one of the first things people should do when choosing a career is to try to narrow down their employment options so they do not feel so overwhelmed. Before spending hours filling out dozens of job applications, Swam suggests that people who are working at finding a career divide their job options into three categories: socially interactive, data, and builders.

“Those that want a career which interacts with others, would fall into the category of socially interactive,” he wrote, adding that these positions would include teachers, doctors, lawyers, and so on.

“If being left alone while you concentrate on your work is appealing, then data would be a good fit for you. These types of careers would include computer programmers, accountants, etc., and you would be working behind the scenes solving problems with less social distractions. If you think of yourself as a gamer then you may want to look into these types of positions.”

As for the “builders,” Swam said he categorizes people who like to work with tools and create things as being in this category. Construction workers, architects and computer repair people are all examples of this type of job.

Using the new Job Solutions Blog to get information and help is easy; job seekers are welcome to visit the blog at any time and read through the many articles and posts. Category tabs at the top of the home page make it easy to find information on specific topics. For example, people who are nervous about an upcoming interview can click on “Interviewing” to be brought to a page with articles about what to learn before an interview and much more. The site also features information about working at home positions, as well as the importance of networking to find a job fast.

About Job Solutions Blog
Travis Swam has been assisting individuals through efforts in education, counseling, and job coaching for over 10 years, and has now created a blog to further these efforts. Travis’s Job Solutions Blog offers superior tips and advice through his email newsletter. Anyone looking for a career, or changing careers would highly benefit from this informational site. For more information, please visit http://jobsolutionsblog.com