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Job Interview Tips That Don't Royally Suck

Benjamin Paul, author of the new book "Job Interview Tips That Don't Suck," offers insider tips to help job candidates ace this important part of the job recruitment process.


Solana Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2014 -- JobSamurai.comJob interview tips usually range from the mundane -- "Get there 10 minutes early!" -- to the overly simplistic -- "Don't forget to ask questions." But according to Benjamin Paul, author of "Job Interview Tips That Don't Suck" the biggest key to effective job interview preparation is to approach the job interview from the employer's point of view.

"When I was a recruiter, most candidates tried so hard to impress -- and appear confident and assured," says Paul. "When really, I just wanted them to show they weren't psychopaths -- and that they saw this gig as more than a paycheck."

They key to demonstrating this, according to Paul, isn't in proper job interview attire or rehearsing job interview questions -- but instead in trying to answer each question from a simple vantage point: 'What could I bring to this job that would make these people look good?'

"Forget answering job interview questions like you're auditioning for Broadway," says Paul. "Just realize: these people I'm interviewing with are human too. And they'd like to get promoted like me. So what can I bring to the table to help them -- and this company -- reach its goals."

When a job candidate does this, Paul believes, when an interviewee focuses on each part of the interview tying every one of their career accomplishment to a key company objective, then the whole idea of job interview preparation falls in line.

"The best job interview tips in the world are about getting out of your own head and seeing the world from the interviewer's side of the street," says Paul. "If you can do that, then trust me, you won't be unemployed for very long at all."

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