Job Seekers Use New "Tailoring Method" to Get Offers in Impossible Job Market

Smart interviewees are finding new ways to stand out from their competition by tailoring their job interviews to the specific company they're interviewing with.


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2013 -- Never before have common interview questions like "Tell Me About Yourself" been so easily answered. A new technique is helping job seekers across the country get offers from their job interviews at a frequency that is leaving hiring managers shaking their heads. The technique, rather method, is called "tailoring", and it allows interviewees to customize their entire interview to the company they are interviewing with.

Interview, Career and Job Search Coaches are getting behind the concept as well. According to Miriam Salpeter (Job Search Coach,, "While the focus of ‘Why should we hire you?’ is on ‘you', the interviewee, it’s important to remember the answer isn’t all about you," she says. "Framing replies that demonstrate you understand their problems, or ‘pain points,’ makes a big difference when competing with many other qualified candidates.”

In other words, candidates that "tailor" their responses are seeing a much higher rate of success than those who aren't. By presenting themselves as a candidate that fulfills the specific needs of the company, a select group of job seekers are getting job offers despite the hyper-competitive market.

So how does tailoring work? Job seekers infuse or frame their answers to interview questions with "qualities" (strengths, skills, abilities, etc.) that they know the company they are interviewing with puts high value in. Every company has an idea of what their Perfect Candidate looks like, and it is these qualities that the interviewee must show that they have.

At the forefront of this new "tailoring method" are Jeff Gillis and Mike Simpson, creators of the Interview Master System. Using the tailoring principle as their foundation they have created a proven method for delivering perfect interview answers that are targeted to whatever company or organization a candidate may be interviewing for.

"Miriam is right," says Simpson, who was once mired in the job interview doldrums while being a career car-washer in the Pacific Northwest. "It's not about you, it's about them. Companies today have a very specific set of qualities that they look for in a candidate, and if you don't show that you have those qualities in your interview, you're not going to get hired. It's up to you to find out what those qualities are and infuse them into your answers."

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Jeff and Mike, together also known as “The Interview Guys”, run a popular Job Interview Tips YouTube Channel. They also teach job seekers around the world how to deliver flawless interviews and get job offers using the Interview Master System.

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