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Weldflow Selects MIE Solutions MIE Trak Manufacturing Software

Weldflow Shares Truths and Experiences about the Real Benefits of Using MIE Solutions ERP Software through One-of-a-Kind Customer Testimonial.


Garden Grove, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/16/2011 -- Customer testimonials have grown to become aspects which weigh quite a lot whenever considering whether or not to invest in a product or service. The thing people look for in customer testimonials is to verify what percentage of the benefits and specifications shared by the manufacturer is indeed true regarding the specific offering of interest. However, nowadays in this era of modern and edgy advertisement, it is difficult to come across customer testimonials which reflect the truth that prospects are looking for. Therefore, it is best to take customer testimonials with a grain of salt. However, when the customer who gives the testimonial is a reputable company such as Weldflow and the product in cause is the amazing MIE Solutions ERP Software, it becomes clear that the testimonial is a very rare and valuable occurrence in the online environment which can be looked at as being an accurate and trustworthy source of information about the sheet metal software, inventory software, manufacturing software or job shop ERP software which can be identified with the amazing MIE Trak product.

MIE Solutions is undoubtedly the ideal provider for any sheet metal manufacturer who understands that the quality of its products and services is directly proportional to the quality of the tools and resources used in the production process. The MIE Solutions ERP software can be used to track the numerous tasks which need to be carried out for the smooth running of the company along with the ins and outs of raw materials and finished products, profits and expenditures, work force and many others key elements in a company. Ever since its very starting point, MIE Solutions has managed to never let any client down and to meet any standard of quality and professionalism, no matter how exigent the customers or prospects might have been, seeing how MIE Solutions has made it a point to only utilize the services of the most dedicated and experienced professionals to create its products including MIE Trak, MIE Exchange, MIE Maintenance or others and also to provide the technical support and assistance needed to have them up and running at full capacity in the clients’ systems. One of the many clients who have found MIE Solutions inventory software and machine shop software to be ideal for the streamlining of their production processes is Weldflow, a company which was not able to settle for general, unspecific ERP software, but which only wanted the best for the sheet metal manufacturing domain.

Weldflow is a name around in the sheet metal manufacturing industry with a 37 years tradition, but which sees that in this modern day and age no performance is attainable without the proper and continuous technological investments. After extensive research and demos, Weldflow found the proficiency and effectiveness of MIE Trak to be simply brilliant and suitable for the collection of shearing, punching, forming, fastener attachment, clinching, spot welding or full tig mig welding processes involved in the activity of the company. Although the company is still exploring the full lengths of the benefits which come with the usage of MIE Solutions job shop software, among the employees and the management departments it is clear that the support they receive from the MIE Solutions team through the team viewer feature and help files is indeed invaluable and easily the most attractive aspect of the package, irrespective of the distance between the vendor and the client.

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