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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2013 -- If you have tried job boards such as, Careerbuilder and many others but have been highly disappointed with your job search, a company named JobConnectionUS ( ) may be the solution that you are seeking. Most job boards will send your resume to the human resource department, where it may never be reviewed and you will most likely never be contacted for an interview. JobConnectionUS will instead send your resume directly to the hiring manager of any company that you wish to work for. As a result your resume will have the opportunity to be reviewed and your chances for of obtaining the job of your dreams will be significantly increased.

Based on the level of service you select, for a JobConnectionUS, will also

Provide resume preparation assistance
Job interview assistance and feedback
Assistance at the job offer stage
Direct feedback from the hiring managers

JobConnectionUS fully guarantees your 100% satisfaction for our services.

Also if you are also seeking to a find a graduation gift or simply looking to help your loved one find employment, JobConnectionUS is your answer. For a gift starting at $49.99, JobConnectionUS will assist your job seeker to find employment for a period of 30 days. The job seeker will receive a beautiful certificate letting them know of your wonderful gift.

Besides just seeking out the best jobs in Los Angeles, New York and throughout the United States, JobConnectionUS is a very good resource for offering assistance in the following areas:

1. Advice on finding a job
2. University graduation gift ideas
3. Effective job search strategies
4. Civilian job assistance for Military Veterans

In this period of time when the true believed unemployment rate is over 10% and the number of unemployed in the United States is in the tens of millions, JobConnectionUS is your proven resource and your hope to find a job. JobConnectionUS can assist you to find a job if you are in one of the following categories :

New graduate
Mid-career job change
Senior career job change (over the age of 50)
Active Military transitioning to civilian workforce
International applicant wishing to work the USA on a work Visa

Please do not let yourself or your loved one go unemployed for another day. Contact JobConnectionUS today and give us the opportunity to assist you to get a job at the company of your dreams.

About JobConnectionUS
JobConnectionUS is the leading employment assistance company in the United States that directly connects job applicants with the hiring manager at the companies of their choice. JobConnectionUS services start at only $49.99 for a 30 day period, and can be purchased either directly by the job seeker or as a gift for a loved one.

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