Jobseeker Showcases Safe and Up-to-Date Job Opportunities for Nigerians

Those looking for a new job can avoid scams and find real opportunities that match their skills by visiting Jobseeker.NG.


Lagos, Nigeria -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/09/2015 -- In January of 2015, the unemployment rate in Nigeria was only 6.4%. So far this year, this number has continued to rise, with the second quarter of the year showing an 8.2% unemployment rate. Studies have shown that many of the people who are trying to find a job are unsuccessful because they aren't sure where to look, or the jobs happen to be scams by someone who is preying on those looking hard for employment opportunities.

Jobseeker wants to put a stop to the fraudulent job schemes in Nigeria and help the residents find the right jobs to match their skills. Their website offers safe and current employment opportunities for Nigerians and other Africans. The site is displayed in an easy to use format and can be browsed based on a few different types of qualifications so applicants can find a large variety of possible jobs.

Ola Olajide, spokesperson for Jobseeker, stated, "We don't want to see anyone taken advantage of by the scam artists preying on those who are looking for a job. We want to help those who are looking for a job by providing a place for them to turn to for actual jobs that are verified before being listed."

The website offers a diverse collection of job opportunities and personally checks all of the listings on their website to ensure the employment opportunities are safe. Their website is designed to help potential employees help connect with potential employers, and the company strives to make it as easy as possible for the unemployed to access all of the platforms possible to search through all available jobs.

Those who have just graduated can use JobseekerNG to look for jobs that match their skill and education. The potential employees can look through many pages of companies that are currently interested in hiring those who have just graduated and have little or no job experience as of yet.

People who are interested in searching for jobs based on the industry type can do that as well. JobseekerNG has sections for jobs in accounting, auditing, banking, engineering, oil and gas, and more. The person can also search based on their academic qualification or use keywords to search for the jobs they're interested in.

Olajide stated, "We're ready to help those who are seeking a new job. We can help them search through the listings based on their qualifications or interests and help match anyone with their potential employer. The unemployment rate doesn't have to continue to rise, and those who are searching for a job shouldn't have to sift through scams and be worried about falling for one. They should just have an easy way to check for verified jobs, and that's what we provide."

About Jobseeker
Jobseeker is a job portal operating in Nigeria with the hope of matching all potential employees to their potential employers. The employees at Jobseeker understand the need for a safe and reliable platform to search for jobs and to be able to avoid scams. The company verifies every job listed on their site and provides an easy format for potential employees to browse to find a job that matches their employment history, skills, or interests. Their goal is to help everyone find the right job and to lower the unemployment rate.