Jobsvendor Opens up New Exchange for Retail Careers

Jobsvendor Online Site Launches Exclusive Retail Career Searching Exchange for Best Managerial Positions Worldwide


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2012 -- Jobs Vendor, a website functioning as a free service site, under the name of made an interesting announcement today. This announcement released from the above site is for the purpose of making the entire Retail Industry participants in US and UK, as well as other countries, aware of the availability of an innovative opportunity of retail jobs and sales job portal. By this announcement, the site is pleased to make known the free availability of advertising jobs for the prospective employers, in the Retail Industry in their retail jobs and sales job portal site, exclusively for Managerial and Supervisory category of posts.

The above announcement coming from Jobsvendor states those prospective employers can make Sponsored Job Listings, in respect of specific retail jobs in the Managerial Category of Retail Outlets and Retail Service providers like catering etc. The announcement clarifies the sales jobs advertised in this site for free, after becoming a member of the site by Registering, may be of - full time, part time, temporary or contract for a specified period – in nature. Further the job locations can be anywhere in U.S. and U.K., to start with.

The announcement point out the scope of jobs is limited as of now, to solely retail jobs and sales jobs only. This is with a view to focus attention in recruiting suitable and eligible persons from the lots of skilled professionals, well-versed with the Retail Industry, its nuances and intricacies, to ably manage the retail outlets. Jobsvendor announcement takes pride that such an effort for focusing sharply in a specified Industry, for filling up vacancies is exclusive and innovative in its own way, and is taken up by the website for the first time online.

Retail Industry online is a multi-trillion dollars Industry, as everyone knows. Thanks to the Internet Technology, merchandises of all sorts from soaps to iron safes are made available to the Global Consumers, right at their homes’ footsteps. Consumerism in getting highest quality merchandises at the lowest possible price tag has been fulfilled well and squarely, by Internet Marketing’s Retail Industry.

Ecommerce sites are designed with intuitive features, to do everything – from selection of merchandises off catalogues and price-lists, putting them on waiting carts, billing and making payment instantly, without waiting in long queues through secure online payment modes - have been enabled readily, to make consumers happy. Yet these Retail Outlets need humans in the background as – Commercial Analyst, Dealer Agreement Coordinator, Retail Advisor etc. and such other responsible positions, for the successful running of these online outlets.

Thus the need for such specialized professionals in the field is increasing day by day, commensurate with the exponential growth of Internet Marketing nowadays. Jobsvendor online exclusive Employment Exchange facility is only to fill up the vacuum in this endeavor. The Retail Industry Business Community as a whole is helped immensely, in finding out appropriate talents and skills needed for the particular sales job or retail job wherever they are, by posting their requirement of job details in this site.

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