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Jocko: The Wrath of Gravity - Bold New Novel Set in Troubled Vietnam-Era America Weaves Fact with Fantasy, Exposing Old Wounds Not Yet Healed

Masterfully crafted by Jerry Cooper, ‘Jocko: The Wrath of Gravity’ transcends fact to depict the personal battle young men faced at a time when the entire nation was in a state of upheaval. From the Vietnam War to the ‘generation gap’; Cooper’s narrative showcases how society’s wider struggles rub off on each individual’s own ability to fight through life. This vital period in U.S. history still bares its scars, and Cooper isn’t afraid to remind readers of their presence.


Grapevine, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2014 -- While the transition between the 1960s and the 1970s saw the United States re-establish its position as an unstoppable world leader, society back home struggled with painful change. The Vietnam draft lottery was turning lives inside-out daily, those already fighting endured deadly conditions while millions of youthful voices at home were only heard as incomprehensible noise by mainstream society. It was a time when the choice of hairstyle could become a life or death decision and religion could become a lucrative entrepreneurial enterprise. This rocky period is the backdrop of a time captured with vivid aplomb by author Jerry Cooper. It explores the internal and external struggles wrought by passion and love and war and social change – of a time when America writhed in combat with itself, so self-absorbed that it ignored the silver UFO’s quietly gliding above, which were the bold indicators of another reality that was invisible but simultaneously in plain sight.

Everything is exposed in ‘Jocko: The Wrath of Gravity’. This gripping read fuses fact with fiction in a wholly-unique nod to the past and a possible glimpse of the future.


Houston, Texas in 1969 is a convoluted hell that Andrew Davis must escape from before it consumes him. He makes his way to West Texas and encounters a man named Jocko who has, like Andrew, escaped a dark and painful past.

Andrew soon discovers that Jocko is something far from ordinary when they both are unwillingly thrust into a new version of reality, discovering that some close friends aren't exactly human.

Confused, angry and desperate, Andrew's sanity is rescued by an unbelievable, unlikely love affair. In the process of becoming bonded to a beautiful woman who is his exact ideal, a stunning, amazing world that is very close to home, yet completely unseen is revealed.

Ultimately, Jocko and Andrew must confront horror, tragedy, and loss wrought by religion in the hands of a madman.

“Literature, especially fiction, is rarely set in the Vietnam era. It tends to be a time that people want forgotten,” admits Cooper. “However, the dynamics of that time present a powerful examination of the human condition – its frailties, passion, and power, and I wanted to put it back under the spotlight.”

Continuing, “It’s a testimonial to the culture of clashes of the time, clashes that still show their scars today. I also want readers to remember that their own ability to fight personal adversity is greatly influenced by the overall condition of the world around them. Those who fought in Vietnam, for example, often face painful struggles to this very day that virtually nobody knows the cause of. High school students know more about the 40’s than the 60’s and 70’s, and personally, I think that is a tragedy.”

To date, the novel has garnered rave reviews. For example, T. Buchta comments, “This was a good read: funny; interesting and thoroughly believable. the description of Odessa, Texas rang totally true and dialogue was great.”

‘Jocko: The Wrath of Gravity’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1jCXvvb.

More information can be found on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jockothewrathofgravity.

About Jerry Cooper
Jerry Cooper was born into a world of wind, sand, crude oil, and cotton fields in Lamesa, Texas in the late summer of 1949. His parents were the children of dirt-poor share-cropping cotton farmers. His teenage mother was one of six siblings and his father was one of eighteen. In 1967 Jerry graduated from Odessa High School in Odessa, Texas. He was the first person to ever obtain a high school diploma (on either side of the family). Art has always been his first love, but electronics and technology have necessarily been the machine putting bread on the table. In addition to writing prose, he loves all things creative: music, poetry, painting, digital art, photography, pottery, wine and the culinary arts. He considers himself to be a competent, minor league chef. “Those who eat should necessarily cook!” He ponders that perhaps his brain didn’t properly separate into traditional left and right functions at an early age. His simultaneous love for abstraction, reason, art, and logic, as well as a driving obsession with the combined smell of perfume on the neck and amaretto on the breath bare some testimony to that possibility. He has been president of corporations, holds several US patents, and with his talented son created the first Internet Provider Service in West Texas. He has written software sold in over 60 countries, and is published scientifically. All that said, his greatest joy and greatest accomplishment is embodied in his two beautiful, intelligent, creative children, who like their father neither easily nor obediently conform to the status quo.